Ranbir Kapoor cars collection

In Bollywood luxury plays a crucial role and stylish villas, expensive cars are treated as common things. From this none of heroes is an exception and starting from Bachchans to Khans, all of them give equal importance to both of them. The chocolate boy of Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor is also very much fascinated about cars and his car collection is amazing. Starting from Audi to Mercedes Benz, he owns several cars which show his passion and love for cars. He usually gets spotted on Bandra road, Mumbai in his cars. Mostly, he himself drives his cars and his close friends always tell that he not only collects cars of his choice but also enjoys rides in them.

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kapoor ranbir audi a8

Ranbir Kapoor’s love for luxury cars is unchallengeable as he owns number of vehicles and mostly drives his cars on his own. Ranbir Kapoor brought White Audi A8 recently and customized it according to his needs and requirements. Sporting a fancy number MH02CP8000, this is the car that is frequently used by Ranbir Kapoor. For shootings also, he comes in this car and uses it for day to day usage also. When he is free, he usually prefers to go for long drives in this car. This is one of his favorite cars and is used by him most of the times. According to the reliable sources of Bollywood, he almost waited for eight months to get this car ready according to his needs.This is one of the costly luxurious cars he own. He even has brilliant Audi R8 which is Red in color.

ranbir kapoor audi r8

Ranbir even has a prestigious Range Rover (L322) in his car collection. He rarely uses it and most of the times it is confined to the garage only. It is most famous car among Bollywood celebrities and starting from Khans to Kapoors, all own this car. Ranbir’s Range Rover is White in color and he customized it with advanced features and luxury interiors.

ranbir deepika range rover

Not only these three, Ranbir even ordered new Mercedes-Benz G63 long back which costs approximately one and half crore rupees. He requested the manufacturers to personalize this car according to his needs. He received the car along with his cousin Kareena and her hubby Saif, which made this car so special to him.

ranbir kapoor mercedes benz g63

Not only cars, he even has a huge collection of bikes and bicycles. He bought many sport bikes and specially designed bicycles. Whatever the vehicle may be, unlike so many stars, he buys the vehicles and enjoys rides in them. It is a rare quality which is hardly seen in Bollywood stars. Another curious thing about Ranbir’s vehicle collection is that he always takes his mother’s permission before buying any car (rather than he convinces his mom to agree to buy new vehicle). Whenever Ranbir buys a new car, he usually goes to temple along with her mother Neetu to do special prayers.

ranbir kapoor harley davidson bike

All the car manufactures are also giving special interest to Bollywood young hero’s and this is indirectly helping in promoting their sales as most of the Indians are attracted towards to the cars owned by their favorite heroes.


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