Ranbeer Kapoor’s Experience While Shooting In Abroad

Ranbir Kapoor, the good-looking macho is one the most popular and a well-liked Indian actor. He has attained his stardom increasingly in India. But it seems that he has not yet achieved that much recognition among the Hollywood stars.

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The actor revealed some funny yet personal incidents

In an open conference on CNN News18 with Rajiv Masand , he has shared some humorous and comic conversations with the Hollywood elite actors.

While broadening on the subject, Ranbir Kapoor the Tamasha actor pronounced that he was completely surprised. He went to the famous actress Natalie Portman on the roads of Tribeca in New York. 

Portman is a celebrated prima donna and is admired universally. She has given her best performance in the movie Black Swan. She achieved success by winning the Academy Award  for the best actress. She was making a call. He was bewildered and could not understand whether the starlet was actually crying or not.

He promptly got round her and asked that he loves her work. Before he could say anything more about his respect for her acting skills, Natalie turned around and bashed firmly saying him to leave the premises and made an exit. He was heavy hearted but said that he will nevertheless continue to follow them. How depressing!

Another incident took place in London

While shooting for Karan Johar’s movie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in London, he talked about his admiration and obsession for the director Quentin Tarantino. He shouted by calling name and the director saw him and sat in the car. While Quentin was about to get into his car, Ranbir Kapoor took an attempt to come close and take a photograph. But unfortunately, the director was unwilling to give a favor and did not admire his efforts.

He even added that the entire cast of the movie made fun of him for a week for such humiliation. But he had a warm and cordial conversation with Jake Gyllenhaal, the actor of Nightcrawler.

It has been so endearing that being such a successful star, Ranbir Kapoor did not hesitate to share such incidents on an open platform.

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